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Comcast would like more money from Netflix/Level3

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So, it didn’t take that long until providers started to demand more money for streaming content. Right now that little kerfluffle is between Comcast and Level 3, which is now handling a large chunk of Netflix’s online movie streaming traffic. Comcast would like Level 3 to pay it money, please. And if Level 3 didn’t […]

Black Friday: shopper’s mojo is back

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So, this past Friday I went to the stores — to catch a few deals and see how is the atmosphere by the stores. And I guess the recession is over, because the amount of people by local Target store was more than impressive. Line was stretching out end-to-end of the Target and the tail […]

Love for Google results in egg-throwing, silly notes

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You can’t grow into a large company without making a few enemies crazy fans. Like the ones who throw eggs at the houses because owners dared to “opt-out” from the Google’s street view in Essen, Germany. Because a random egging of a house could have been attributed to someone else, unknown vandals also left a […]

Netflix to disk customers: shoo!

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The wonders of streaming licensing… looks like Netflix has firmly decided to switch out from that old-style “DVDs by mail” business and right into “streaming everywhere/everything”. I don’t know how else to interpret their today’s announcement of streaming-only plan and price increases for old subscribers. It’s great from the point of view of those who […]

The Beatles and the iTunes: pure marketing genius

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I mean it has to be Steve Jobs’es pure marketing genius streak, otherwise how can you blow up a completely irrelevant non-event into this giant mega-gala announcement that’s supposed to be unforgettable and all? Front page of being occupied by a band that hasn’t released a new album since… well… a very long time […]