Not all flash drives work in PS3 (talking about you, HP v125w)

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Looks like buying a brand-name thumb drive is not always a good idea. Or the cheap ones anyways.
During one of the Office Depot sales I bought a couple HP v125w 8Gb thumb drives. They were cheap enough and one immediately was plugged into Windows 7 machine for that “cache boost”, which seems to have helped somewhat. Second one was shelved for that perfect “oh crap, I need to move XGB data between point A and point B” moment.
So, the moment arrived. Or rather a paranoidal moment, due to some people posting online that there were instances where Castlevania: Lords of Shadow hanged and killed in the process precious save file. While it hasn’t happened to me, “back up often” light went on in my mind and I tried to just copy the save file.
Drive was plugged into PS3, it recognized it and I tried to copy the save file.

And I get the “Drive is locked” error. Huh? There’s no locking latch on that thumb drive. The drive was fresh, right out of the package. I tried to re-format it again, even though it was FAT32 already. Nope. Change drive name to “HP” instead of default “HP v125w”. Didn’t help. Computers didn’t seem to have any issues writing and reading on the drive, but PS3 stubbornly kept claiming that the drive is locked.

After about half an hour of trying I gave up, and plugged the 16Gb Diesel drive by OCZ. And everything just works. Castlevania save file is now safe (not completely, as cat sometimes likes to re-hide things just to make life more interesting) and my warm feeling for Diesel expanded from clothing to small computer trinkets (well, for choosing OCZ as their OEM manufacturer anyways).

I don’t know if I should blame PS3 (it’s finicky Sony after-all, and Sony always hates it when user dares to copy something somewhere) or HP, but this particular combination doesn’t work. HP’s support forum has a lone cry for help about this very problem and zero answer. So much for big brand name support…

Oh, and bonus disappointment — some games apparently think that nobody in their right mind would want to copy a save file onto another drive. Because why would they otherwise lock them up with “do not copy” flag? “Trophy cheating”? Who cares, if there’s a chance your progress can be nuked by a bad firmware upgrade.

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  1. voxleo

    My HP 8GB is also “locked” according to the PS3. And I lost everything (I mean EVERYTHING) due not being able to get another that worked before my stupid boyfriend got impatient with something and reformatted it thinking that would help. I don’t know who I hate more – Sony, HP or him…


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