Movember – now on Groupon too?

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It’s getting a bit ridiculous, yet seems to have nicely co-insided with me writing about charity a few weeks before. I’m talking about Movember — charity to fight the prostate cancer.

No problem with the charity part. Just a small problem with how to events are billed. More specifically, can someone show me a single person that is not aware that there’s such thing as “cancer”. Somebody who hasn’t seen any TV series or medical dramas mentioning it. Hasn’t read a single newspaper article. Hasn’t heard ads for specialized medical centers? Doesn’t know that women get breast cancer, and men get prostate cancer.

How many people have you found? Are they living under some sort of a rock or a concrete slab? Will they be grabbing everyone on the street asking “why on earth number of men with moustaches increased” (if they notice) and “what is Movember? The month to mow your lawn twice?” (again, if they notice)? Sounds kinda ridiculous.

National News page on Movember web site has the top billed news of “The Toilet Paper Salutes You Mo Bro!”. Combined with somewhat poop-colored palette of posters (sickly greeny-brownish “staches” scribbled on top of the many medallions with man’s face is one of the posters I’ve seen, unfortunately placed on a door of men’s restroom) it gives me an uneasy feeling of people playing a prank on everyone and, as a side gig, collecting money for LiveStrong foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Oh well, that’s just me and my silly desire to avoid spending donated money on glossy posters, ads and persuasion of people to shave or grow moustaches or any other hair on any other body part for just one particular month. On the other hand, moustaches are easier on the eyes than everything being painted glowing pink, so I should stop complaining.

I do have to notice the Groupon thing though. They offer a special deal of registering for Movember for free (billed as 100% off $28 discount, requires gathering a $100 in donation pledge). 3 days left and nobody bought a single deal (needs 10 to be on). Hm.

Now, if you excuse me, I’d better make a direct donation, without shaving or growing anything.

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