Only branding and marketing can spent two years on a square

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And still come up with the dullest, stupidest, most 80-s software-like logo ever. Yes, I’m talking about GAP, of couse (who doesn’t).
Laird+Partners, who spent two years “reinventing the brand” is obviously gave up, found a programmer who wanted to go home that last Friday night and demanded “a fresh idea” or he/she wouldn’t be allowed to leave. Thus the Helvetica and Blue Square was born.
All they had to do, is update the font. Let the classic color stand without the gradient, keep the lettering inside the square, just change the font. Okay, maybe move the letters off-center a bit. But the current result? Worthless.

Public’s reaction to this logo refresh was swift and to the point — people call crap what it is when they see it. Laird+Partners is in a press lock-down mode, and not commenting. Gap’s facebook account exploded with comments to the point of “I can do this bad all by myself” and the only idea that came out of shocked marketing department was “well, maybe we should play it as a joke and let people actually offer something that wouldn’t be this avant-garde?”. Which is kinda silly — spend thousands on rebranding, and then just let the public make a new logo.

I mean I have no doubt the submissions will be way more interesting, fresh, modern, cool than current gradient-square. But it also hints at how worthless is that army of supposedly trained, well educated professionals of design and branding. Because they sometimes forget to swim out from the murky world of art into the real world, to ask people who live in it “what’s going on”.

p.s. On the other hand, if roll-out of this de-branding is really stopped, Gap just saved itself a huge expense on Tropicana-like “yay, new brand! crap sales! yay, old brand again!” cycle.

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