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Time machine — go forward or back?

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Yesterday while reading LiveJournal I’ve spotted a short post from one of Russian friends, relaying a short conversation with a US teenager about a time machine. And more specifically, if you ever had a chance to use a time machine and see any moment, where would you go? His answer was “of course the future, […]

Not all flash drives work in PS3 (talking about you, HP v125w)

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Looks like buying a brand-name thumb drive is not always a good idea. Or the cheap ones anyways. During one of the Office Depot sales I bought a couple HP v125w 8Gb thumb drives. They were cheap enough and one immediately was plugged into Windows 7 machine for that “cache boost”, which seems to have […]

Review: Castlevania Lords of Shadow (4.75 stars)

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Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Of course I couldn’t miss a chance to get the Castlevania game for PS3. I still remember quite vividly playing the Vampire Killer on MSX 2 system, which at the time was quite impressive (music and all), and here trailers also looked quite promising (plus I am done with the […]

Movember – now on Groupon too?

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It’s getting a bit ridiculous, yet seems to have nicely co-insided with me writing about charity a few weeks before. I’m talking about Movember — charity to fight the prostate cancer. No problem with the charity part. Just a small problem with how to events are billed. More specifically, can someone show me a single […]

Unions cost NZ $500 million movie project

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So, the Hobbit, that long-awaited prequel to the Lord of the Rings movies could be moving away from NZ after all. And all because of actor’s union that issued a stop-work order to all its members. Except the ban is no longer in place (or how NZ papers notice that there are no industrial issues) […]