New Law and Order: Los Angeles

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Law and Order: Los Angeles

Oh my gosh. How many re-incarnations will there be of the Law and Order series? I mean yes, you can make as many of them as you wish, all with pretty much similar duos/ teams doing pretty much same things, and then starting to pull stories off of the news wire (which still kinda creeps me out, as I watch episodes and get horrible deja vu due to events almost completely matching something from the news no more than 3-4 months ago).

So far the best “Law and Order” is not actually the Law and Order, but rather Rizolli and Isles. Which I hated after trying to watch the pilot, but loved afterwards (I guess I was in a really bad mood). And of course both are better than CSI: NY/Miami, where most of the criminal mysteries are rezolved by magically interpolating pixels, rather than doing regular police work.

The Los Angeles reincarnation so far is closer per format to SVU — meaning not much tech magic, absence of mega-genius of Criminal Intent, and a bit more of an intrigue in terms of “who done it” without straying away from the reality too much. On the other hand how close to a reality can you be in the land of the Hollywood?

So far:
Plus: Corey Stoll doesn’t take himself too serious. Absence of CSI tech madness.

Minuses: Predictable stories. Reusing of actors. Yes, I understand that it’s difficult to crank out enough Law and Order material without plucking familiar faces here and there (Oded Fehr for this episode and Alfred Molina). No relatable characters (Law and Order: SVU) and kinda vague status of the team (unlike the regular Law and Order, but then again, it got cancelled)

I demand Law and Order: San Antonio. Why not?


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