Sprint: Samsung 4G phone capped at 150k for 3G upload?

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Well looky here, yet another problem that Sprint brought on itself with that extra $10 charge for 4G phones.
Samsung Epic 4G users have noticed that 3G upload speed is capped at 150k which is less than what non-4G (and HTC EVO 4G) phones get in 3G-only mode.

I mean the fact that upload is capped is bad in on itself, but when you’re also charged $10 a month for a mere fact of having 4G capable phone, this makes things even worse. That, and the fact that 4G coverage remains fairly limited and certainly not equivalent to regular 3G coverage (not in Austin anyways).

I wonder if all that “additional revenue” was worth all the bad press Sprint got because of it. The answer is probably “yes” and marketing department chanting “there’s no such thing as bad press”.

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