Camera sees what you’ve been throwing into trash

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A little while ago there was a story about Cleveland that decided to put RFID chips into recycling bins, so that collecting car can mark, how many times you put the recycle bing out for collection, and what was the ratio of your “regular” and “recycled” garbage, with, of course, fines if you’re not recycling enough.

Well, why stop there? Another city — Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, will have cameras installed in garbage truck that will actually record video of your trash spilling into the truck. Thus the garbage collection service will know exactly what you threw away. As the representative says, they’re only interested in seeing when people put “wrong things” into trash (that battery that your kid threw away just turned into a $100 fine, so did the cardboard box that didn’t fit into recycle bin).

From the legal point of view, garbage has no protection in both Canada and US. You threw it out, which means anyone can check it and write down what is inside, be it police or p.i. Of course if US cities will follow the idea of videotaping the garbage, it will be quite convenient for police to ask for that recording, without any judge involvement, and see what you’ve been buying and eating for a while.

All in the name of ecological friendlieness…

Of course videotaping system could be easily defeated. Just make sure to pack garbage into strong garbage bags (yes, the video will show black garbage bags rolling out from the bin and into the track) and recycle bin content into strong paper bags. Ta-da! Eco-stalky-crazieness defeated by somewhat ecologically unfriendly (packaging the garbage?) but completely legal and neat means. Because packaged trash stinks less too…

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