Review: Ilona Andrews — Magic Burns (4 stars)

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Ilona Andrews: Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, Book 2)

Well, thanks to Dustin’s comment I decided to give Ilona’s series about Kate Daniels another look, and took up book №2, “Magic Burns”. Now I can tell for sure, that “pervyi blin komom” (the first pancake sucks, so to speak) certainly did apply to her first book, “Magic Bites”. I didn’t like it much, gave it 3 stars and was ready to give up on the whole series.

Magic Burns is a significant improvement. Beside adding a bit more humor and slight emphasis on underwear with bows (which probably automatically moved this novel up on the list of books eventually will have turned into manga/anime series) the story is more engaging. The mystery is grander in scale, and, while at times just a tad predictable, the investigation into disappearance of girl’s mother provides a nice ride. Favorite Lion Curran and the pack are back, but there are also rabid nasty water demons, because every urban fantasy needs some serious butt-kicking (which also reminds us why characters stick together and to which length they can go protecting each other).
Predictable aspects come pretty much from the “young adult” facet of the novel (you’ll know it when you’ll see it). Fun comes from everywhere else.

Looking forward to reading the next book.

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