Google Instant – like an annoying aunt

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So, Google went for another almost useless search improvement. “Google Instant” starts giving you results even before you finished typing your query, refreshing whole page on the fly. It’s like talking to an annoying aunt that starts answering before you have completed the sentence.

“Wh..” “– What is the average price of Gold?”
“What..” “– have I eaten for breakfast?”
and so on, until you get a chance of finishing “what is it that you want”.

Beside being not very useful, it is a tiny bit harmful to those who no longer have access to unlimited internet too, which makes the idea of bringing this feature to mobile search even more useless and annoying. Sure, text doesn’t take a lot of bandwidth but with something like AT&T Prepaid data your options could be severely constrained. At least for now there’s an easy way to turn it off — on the right there’s a little toggle so this extra hyper auto-complete on steroids can be banished. For now.

And probably for most users it’s completely irrelevant, as primary search source is browser’s search box (Firefox/IE) or just the address bar (Chrome).

I also wonder what will that do to context ad click-through ratio. I guess it will go slightly down across the board — if your query is a bit more advanced than what Google thinks it will be you’ll probably blink through three or more pages before finishing typing everything up and get the final result. Those result pages will show some completely irrelevant context ads, that will get lower ratio and there’ll be a chance of demanding a higher bitting price. Or I may just be paranoid…

p.s. According to this post, ad-words impressions will be counted if the page is not refreshed for 3 seconds, or user clicked/selected anything on the page.

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