Google Chrome: die, http://, die!

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Interesting. I had a feeling that ever since last update of Google Chrome the interface has changed ever so slightly. So, I have finally realized that one itsy-bitsy tiny, yet ever so important detail is missing. There’s no more http:// in the address bar:

When you type it in, it gets removed and replaced with a globe icon. Instead of, say, favicon, which is still shown in the actual tab, but doesn’t show up in the address bar any more. Unless it’s a bug, this is not a very good change (FireFox is at the bottom for the comparison):

The https:// is still there, when it’s present, and is shown either as a green padlock with https:// when everything is okay with the certificate:

Or a red scull with crossed bones — couldn’t get scarier than that in a small size, I suppose…

I like it when http:// is still there. If the goal was to hide “unknown thingie in the address” from regular users, it kinda fails as https is still there.

p.s. Apparently the dev build of Chrome been like that for a while, but they couldn’t remove https:// from the toolbar as there’d be a larger pushback.
Of course now someone can have a web site with a name of, and that would explain why they don’t want to show a favicon any more — because favicon could be made to look exactly like that little green padlock.
Sheesh, so much trouble, and all because they wanted to remove http:// from the address. Almost qualifies for “Marketing BS” tag

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  1. EarthLaunch

    Agreed. Absolutely horrible change. Also makes it literally impossible to select exactly what you want to copy/paste; it changes what I select and adds or doesn’t add “http://”, making it a huge pain in the ass to move URLs and domains around.


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