Game soundtrack: Sidhe – Shatter by Module

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Shatter – Official Videogame Soundtrack by Module for Sidhe

I don’t know how exactly I missed Shatter game (PS3, though they say it’s available for PC too). I was reading one of the “best Playstation 3 games” lists and it caught my attention as I do like good old break-out/arcanoid, ever since I had a chance to play it on old MSX systems. So, I’m always game for a flashy remixes, which Shatter delivers in spades.

Pretty graphics, an interesting twist — you can attract/repel particles from the bat, as well as control ball to lesser or greater degree depending on “maneuverability” mode.
But the best part? Music.

Classical electronica, with hooks sometimes worthy of Daft Punk. I spent several hours breaking up blocks and it didn’t get on my nerves. Success!

So, the soundtrack gets 4 stars just because some of the latter tracks loose just a bit of polish. But Module still gets added to my list of “listen to relax or while working”, next to tracker music by Skaven from the Future Crew (yes, I can like metal and electronica at the same time).

Best track: Aurora

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