Review: Blood Law (Jeannie Holmes novel) 3 stars

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Jeannie Holmes: Blood Law – A Novel

Ah yes, my never-ending hunt for nice new supernatural detective stories. Sometimes it works out well (like series by Patricia Briggs) and sometimes not so well. Like this one.

It’s a “generic” detective novel with a bit of supernatural elements thrown in. For some reason it doesn’t work very well — characters seem to be pretty standard, development is a bit too slow and uninteresting. “Provocative and savvy” vampire heroine turned out to be not quite that savvy, and not very much provocative. Side-trips into “never-ever” to see her dad are a distraction and don’t lead anywhere interesting (is this a giant hook with a neon sign about where the development will go?).

Conflict between her and previous love is banal, and chain of events to further their bond is so predictable, I think if my life was like that I’d be a super-oracle with close to 90% correct forecasts of future events.

Main killer is also uninspiring and cliche. And the final outcome of the book becomes quite obvious around 70% mark, which is sad. By the way, where are other supernatural critters? I understand, that vampires are bankable these days, but still, don’t limit yourself…

I’ll skip on the sequel until I can get it for a dollar in discount bin. Or when I am really really bored.

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  1. Dustin

    Not exactly new but have you tried the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews? First book is Magic Bites. My wife loves them and I read the first one and enjoyed it.

      • Dustin

        Guess I should have searched. Jessie really likes them but I have not read past the first. I’m working on the Jim Butcher books now. We spent some time hanging out with Ilona (she’s Russian) and Gordon a few weeks ago and they seemed to think that the first is not as good as the rest.

        • Max Smolev

          I love Jim Butcher. I’ve read every single Dresden File he’s written so far and dread a year when he’ll finish that mega-story. His formula works so well, and it’s always a joy to read.
          I also tried to read Furies of Calderon but I keep being distracted with other, “proven” stories I like to read.

          I’ll try a second book and see if that’s any better.

          I completely forgot about the events in town and missed a chance of meeting authors. Well, at least I haven’t embarrassed myself by saying something to the lines of “I didn’t really like that book. Oh, it was yours? Whoops”


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