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New Law and Order: Los Angeles

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Law and Order: Los Angeles Oh my gosh. How many re-incarnations will there be of the Law and Order series? I mean yes, you can make as many of them as you wish, all with pretty much similar duos/ teams doing pretty much same things, and then starting to pull stories off of the news […]

Emerald Restaurant: death by a Groupon?

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Austin Groupon this weekend is offering a deal for Emerald Restaurant: $60 for a $175 fixed price meal for two. Well, Groupon does that all the time. Except I’ve recently read that horror story about Groupon almost bankrupting small business. So, of course I was wondering how will the math pan out in this case. […]

Vonage invents a new “IP fee”

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Several years ago I switched from my local phone company (which was MCI at the time) to Vonage. They were brand spanking new company at the time, and were hip, honest, to-the-point, and much cheaper than what a bundle of local services cost. As the years went by, Vonage turned into one of the “big” […]

First victim of new health care law: child-only policies

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First provisions of the new health care (insurance, really) reform law is going into effect, and, just as I suspected, the first “side effects” are already here. Insurers in Texas decided to stop offering child-only coverage completely, rather than face unlimited liability and “can’t deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions” restrictions. From business point of […]

OMG The Mutant Fish is coming. To your table.

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So, the new Genetically Modified (GM, sorry, troubled car manufacturer) fish is about to be approved by FDA for food purposes. And there we go again with all the howling about “Frankenfish”, how horrible and unpredictable mutations are, how people will die after biting a piece of sushi that contains meat from genetically modified fish. […]