Sprint/Virgin Mobile will keep unlimited alive

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So, looks like Virgin Mobile has confirmed news about unlimited mobile broadband plans, and at a more or less reasonable price of $40.
Given that right now Virgin doesn’t offer any unlimited data-only plans (regular smartphone plans are unlimited) this will be a great news, and a noticeable discount from $60/5GB a month plan. And as AT&T and Verizon are headed into death-by-unlimitedly-high-billing it may also sway some users towards Sprint/Virgin’s network. It’s not that everyone will certainly will have consumed more than 5Gb a month, it’s that horrifying chance of mega-bill at the end of the month, that press has been talking about lately. Except instead of vacationing in Europe, you get a thousand bucks bill because one of your nephews cleverly manages to download something way-way too big for your mobile connection.

And if users will switch, perhaps AT&T and Verizon will follow. Because sometimes even one unlimited option is enough to spoil whole game of who can rip off users the most. Way to go Sprint, keep it up!

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