Scott Pilgrim vs the Not So Interested World

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So, as I don’t want to go and see that new super epic Scott Pilgrim movie, I thought I’d jot down the reasons for it. Primary, of course, it’s the main character, and Michael Cera. I’m sorry, but despite all the glitz and humor in trailers, I got that distinct impression of Scott Pilgrim being a sour-faced loosergeek that wins (in the end) despite being uncool on oh-so-many-levels.

Sorry, but I don’t really want to see a movie like that. I mean eventually I will probably go and see it, when I’ll be very bored, and when (if?) it will be available at one of those Dollar Movie Cinemas (or $1.50 — inflation is high these days).
I guess my impression pretty much matched the impression general public got. And that feeling of simply not being interested, as people don’t really want to identify themselves with a guy who wins despite being uncool.

And why Expendables won the box office last weekend? Why it’s a cliche movie with old-style action heros — well known good guys that beat bad guys while looking cool. And very-very old, and suffering from arthritis.

If you were given a choice between being Scott Pilgrim or Barney Ross, would you really choose Pilgrim? Despite Stallone looking like post-op Michael Jackson, and not being able to run very fast any more?

If you did, you probably have already seen the movie, loved it, and probably were counted as “initial buzz factor”, that proved that comic/videogame based movies can please fans yet still totally being ignored by the general public.

I wonder if Green Hornet will suffer exactly the same (if not worse, by earning, say, $7 mil in opening weekend) fate, unless marketing gets their sand together and correct the message. But even then, Seth Rogen kinda has similar aura to Michael Cera. And them working together on Superbad has nothing to do with it. Just that kind of a face and character…

Will see…

p.s. I do hope I will at least see the Pilgrim on DVD, and, hopefully, like it.

p.p.s. Comparison of first weekend gross for video game films and it’s not pretty…

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