Dell: and the BIOS is dead

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So, up until now I haven’t had any problems with XPS 9000 — great case design, nice set of ports, quiet fans, everything was nice. Except this week online system showed there’s an update for BIOS. So, like a stupid customer, I actually tried to install it.
Dell-made utility didn’t so much as squaked, but simply hanged. After half an hour of complete lack of activity (mouse dead, keyboard dead, windows 7 catatonic) I gave up and did a reset. Of course, the BIOS is now completely dead.
a) Why did the utility silently killed bios? I presume that as online system dishes out “customized” stuff, it’s guaranteed to be compatible. But at least it could have asked once again, or stop gracefully when something didn’t work out.
b) These days most manufacturers either smart enough to put BIOS onto a socket (which means for about $10 customer can get a new BIOS chip by mail) or generous enough to spend another $10 or so to put additional BIOS on the motherboard, so if BIOS A is fried for any reason, BIOS B is there to save the day.
But that would be too good for Dell, I guess.

As a result, I had to contact support. Which, after about half an hour of a chat, declared that I will get a call from a technician, that motherboard and, what the heck, power supply too, will get replaced. And no, there’s no way to bring the computer into service center. Technician will visit my house.

Seems to be inefficient, but hey, it’s not my money they will be spending to fix the problem (that could be avoided in the first place).
So far I have high marks for Dell support — person didn’t over-asked me about what happened, was polite, if a bit slow sometimes (probably due to some back-end system being slow, or handling 25 other chats at the same time).

Will see how the actual visit and motherboard replacement will go. Will they bring board with CPU installed? Or will it be a show with complete unbolting and removing of everything…

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