Shareholders to Apple: give us the money NOW!

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That’s why I don’t like shareholders and those “Wall Street Analysts” in general. They are near-sighted, behave like spoiled brats and generally bring to companies nothing but grief (and some money during IPO).

Because Apple managed to amass $45.8 billion in cash, investors demand that those funds be given to them in the form of dividends or share re-purchases. Right. Because who, in their right mind, would want to have enough cash to develop new and interesting products, right?

Even though Apple is being accused of appropriating other companies’ ideas and then making them sexy enough for regular public to buy, that still requires money. How much? I have no idea. But I am always supportive of companies actually having cushion to fall back on in case of recession, unlucky product launch or any other kind of disaster.

Shareholders, while being partial owners of the company, should either change the bosses at Apple (if they think it will make company better), or simply sell the shares. If nobody wants to buy shares because of the way company handles cash, various *OOs of the company will change that policy.

For now, just enjoy the hefty stock price. Or sell it.

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