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Well, it looks like that Chinese company, that makes book shelfs and other furniture for Walmart has “days of the Big Drill”. It’s when workers, after watching a bit too much of propaganda movies about exceeding work goals (or some other kind of educational or biologically-themed content) decide to use a slightly bigger drill size to make the holes.

Result — pins that supposed to help keep the bookshelf together, because screws are metal and thus are too expensive, not only easily plug in, but just as easily fall out. Which leads to structural integrity failure of freshly put together piece of furniture at cat’s attempt to rub a cheek against it.

And the genius idea of using Gorilla glue is only genius if you can execute it impeccably, more specifically in single-use gloves. Because the glue is not only strong as Gorilla, it’s just as stupid, and glues together practically anything — book shelf pins, your hands, the cat. And it’s quite laborious to clean up cat’s fur after that

Plus, after trying to mark the furniture with its cheeks, cat always picks the wrong spot to fall asleep. This time the spot was next to the shredder, again. Which was overheated, again. And half an hour later, shredder “woke up” and finished a piece of paper that stuck in it. Cat jumped and hit the head on the desk. Again.
Sometimes I guess cat never learns…

Though cat that just woke up is a better subject for administering the antibiotics (thank you, vet). Which come in a form of a small blue tablet. Which kinda stains, especially if cat chews the tablet but successfully spits it out instead of swallowing. So, if you’re in the middle of medicating your cat, do not open the door to nice religious people. Seeing somebody my size in short shorts, with tiny little blue tablet in the arm and grim expression, makes them choke on the phrase “Have you found Jesus in your life?”. And they run away very fast.


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