Austin Music Hall: it’s my fault my ears hurt

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Well, today I had a chance to experience Austin Music Hall, which was used for allhands meeting. I kinda understand why so many people on Yelp gave the venue 2 stars. Unless they specifically crippled audio system for corporate meeting, the speaker arrangement is atrocious.
The hall has plenty of speakers hanged on the ceiling. But for whatever reason only those located on the stage were working. And they were cranked up to the point of hurting my ears when I tried to seat in the first row of the tables arranged in the hall.

Add to that four or five “slaughtered pig scream” shrieks, enthusiastically let out by one of the speakers, and now my right ear still hurts, even though it’s been more than half a day (I wonder, does it fall under “workplace injury” if ear was hurt during corporate meeting? Regardless of the fact that I should have been smarter and ran off from the first row back into the back of the hall). And while bass/tremble misbalance and clipping of higher frequencies could probably be attributed to “corporate meeting level microphone”, I do agree with the reviewers, sound sux in there.

Plus, there’s construction next door, which means there’s no easy way to park nearby. I did find paid parking lot was couple blocks away, across from the state parking garage after circling around a few times, though

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