HTC EVO 4G: Update complete

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Well, after several minutes of “thinking” the update of my HTC EVO 4G is complete.
It took quite a while for phone to reboot, with it sitting with the last frame of the start-up animation. I even started to worry a bit, but then just let it sit there, churn through whatever it’s been doing after the upgrade.
First impressions:
– Smoother menus. Moving between screens and such is nicer, almost as if frame rate has been increased.
– Reboot is much faster, than previous revision.
– Icons have changed a bit — light reflections added on profile selection widget and such.
– Quadrant Standard puts the phone speed test right past Nexus 2.2 – 1189, roughly doubling it (prior to upgrade was something along 580-is)
– Just noticed that SMS application shows Google contact’s icons (don’t remember it working before)
– When I press power button it used to be that phone’d lock immediately (same as when the phone goes into timeout and turns off screen), now it’s set to 5 minutes. Not sure if I want to reset it back to immediately, but it’s a bit showing when you drag the arch down and phone just unlocks without asking for a pattern/pin
– Yes, there’s a pin now. Yay. Or a password. Or a pattern.
– Android market now has a special tab for Sprint applications, along with better organized regular apps.
– Message input panel changed. Neat

Now the only thing left is to test in real life if GPS + Voice call will still result in a reboot. I hope not!

p.s. Of course the “free HotSpot” functionality (while on 4G) is no longer available. As soon as WiFi Hotspot is turned on, it switches off 4G radio and then dies with the same error as before that 3G tethering is not available for the account (of course, as I’m not insane to pay extra $20 for that functionality).
PDANet bluetooth tethering still works fine, though I had to re-pair the phone for everything to work. Now on to waiting when the unrevoked is updated for the Froyo Android version.

p.p.s. So far Waze didn’t crash both on outgoing phone call (GPS enabled, Waze goes into “searching for network mode”) and incoming phone call (GPS enabled, scrolling around till “searching for network mode”). Yesss!!

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