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Goodbye, ATI video cards, hello AMD video cards

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Well, it’s finally done. AMD has digested ATI, or at least to the outside world there will be less of a bulge in its belly. While reading about new Radeon benchmarks I’ve noticed the announcement that ATI mark is no more, and everything will be just AMD from now on. I don’t know if people […]

Busses and rail and riders, oh my!

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Public transportation always seemed to be a problem in Austin. Ever since I moved here I don’t remember public transport serving many people in areas beyond downtown and the UT area. And that seems to be a problem now, ever since Leander got connected to downtown via the rail system (or, rather, that they decided […]

Dow Jones 5000? Not this year

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Read another story about DJIA hitting 5,000 in 2-2.5 years. I suppose it’s possible. But I don’t think it will be a real bottom, more of a “hit 5k and run up like a rocket”. Generally I think it’ll be like that due to extremely short memory and ultra-high greed levels. People go get caught […]

State Representative Lon Burnam wants an income tax

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Oh gosh. There we go again. Every time there’s financial trouble, certain group of politicians immediately starts singing that old song of “if only there was an income tax in Texas!”. That it would cure the budget deficit, makes school system less suck-y and bring down the property tax, which is quite high compared to […]

HBO: no streaming for you, Netflix customer!

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So, HBO doesn’t want Netflix to stream its content. Why am I not surprised? Mostly because I believe that greed generally leads to exclusivity (even though laws of economics generally dictate that it’s not quite as profitable to squeeze every last dollar out of your customer, but rather find an optimal price, where demand and […]