In California you can see burrito from the wheelchair

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Here’s an interesting ruling — customer in wheelchair has the right to see food preparation. Specifically, it was a case against two Chipotle restaurants in California, where 45″ wall by the counter didn’t allow someone in a wheelchair to see how the burrito gets assembled. Now after a few years Chipotle did modify the counter and now they’re saying that all new and retrofitted restaurants have a new design. The only other question is, did they do something for the workers too, so that workers don’t have to bend over the lower counter all the time, thus sustaining injury.

But even more interesting question is: will the same person sue every single taco/burrito stand in California? Will there be no street vendors there? Or they will be forced to buy a differently designed kitchen on wheels? Because last time I saw a stand like that in Texas, I don’t think anyone could see anything from the wheelchair level.
I guess it’s irrelevant, as most of those taco stands have a tiny window, and you’d practically have to stick your head in to see how they cook things (and what exactly they’re cooking) so there may be less of a discrimination.

I hope the taco stands will survive. Otherwise a lot of people will be deprived of their favorite snack in the name of non-discrimination.

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