HTC EVO 4G: GPS + voice calls = reboot

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So, it’s been quite a while since I got the EVO, and now I finally got the “big picture”. So far things are okay. I am used to the phone. Lack of physical keyboard almost doesn’t bother me, though I can’t dial or do anything else without looking on the screen.
Good parts:
– Sprint service has been okay. At least in Austin I can also roam on Verizon, so when I get to the bad coverage area at the office, phone just switches into roaming mode. I did disable data roaming, so I wouldn’t fret about that 300mb data roaming limit (Sprint says they reserve the right to do something nasty with your calling plan if you roam too much).
– Ringtone volume is pretty good. So is speakerphone.
Car SYNC system works with the phone, and I can even stream my favorite internet radio (Merci, Puls’ Radio for keeping me company when I temporarily stop listening to heavy metal).
– GPS is very fast and quite accurate. Navigation with Google Maps is a snap.
– HTC made a few nice changes to Android, including good Exchange app integration, and calendar widgets.

Bad things:
– 4G speeds in Austin are abysmal. Yes, every once in a while I could go faster than 2500 kbps down and 740 kbps up. Ping is 180+ ms. Not quite super speed. I suppose it’s because Clear sells residential and mobile internet here, and also provides mobile internet for Time Warner/ RoadRunner customers, so they must be quite taxed. If I check speed via regular 3G network, I get almost 2Mbps down and 600 kbps up, so 4G is not that much faster. Of course it allows you to talk and browse at the same time. But coverage in Austin is kinda spotty.

– Phone reboots on a periodic basis (about 5 times or so). So far I have narrowed it down to having GPS being in use (for example Waze or Google maps navigation) and receiving a phone call. Reboot doesn’t happen at once, but rather about a minute or two into the call. I don’t know if this is a common problem or if it’s just “lucky” me. I’m a bit uncomfortable to try to get an exchange, as Sprint obviously is having issues with phone availability right now. Perhaps there’s a software update that can resolve this issue. I’ll try to test some more forced combinations of voice + active GPS.

I don’t use that many applications, but just for a reference:
– Seeismic: little raccoon is probably the best Twitter app. I am used to it right now, and pretty much ignore HTC’s peep app, even though it can sync Twitter account at the same time as you do general “sync of everything”
– Waze: Social GPS/Mapping data gathering. By collecting data from moving phones with GPS, Waze collects traffic state and shows it on the map. Not as easy and well behaved as Google Maps, but quite fun. Also gives you points for driving around the “unknown” places. Kinda like a pacman, with your car gobbling up little dots on the map, and bonus prizes in the form of cupcakes and cherries and such
– Shazam: Application to recognize a song on the radio. Press the screen, hold the phone to the source of audio, and with a good probability the app will show you what’s the name of the song. With new car’s system showing the song name there’s almost no need for it. Except it also remembers the songs you have tagged, etc.
– Google maps: Duh, the best navigation software ever.
– Meebo IM: Easy way to connect to IM networks
– TuneWiki: I use it to tune into shoutcast radio. Somewhat buggy (if I play radio and then switch to Waze, radio will stop in a little bit)
– Foursquare: Just for fun
– Astro: for file management
– AppBrain App Market: to find updates and manage apps installed on the phone
– Barcode Scanner: to scan (and play with) barcodes.
– Movies: To look up listings and info (including rotten tomatoes ratings)
– Google Voice: For international calls. Easy, cheap, and quality is very good.

I have a few other apps installed as well, but almost never use them.

P.s. was able to re-produce the problem with Waze: Started the application, turned on GPS, browse map, switch to phone, dial out, answer the call on destination phone, try to move around on the map, then hang up destination phone. Result: everything freezes. Status still shows call in progress, even though the call is terminated. After sitting locked up for about 5 minutes phone would reboot (not the same as immediate spontaneous reboot I’ve been having with incoming calls, but quite close).

I wasn’t able to recreate the same scenario as easily with Google Navigation, but there were a couple reboots when I didn’t have Waze app open, however I was in the middle of a navigation/google maps session.

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  1. jeff

    I have the same reboot in the middle of a conversation. It just beeps then I look at the phone and it is white and says HTC EVO 4G on the screen. always seems to happen when I am on charge and the battery is warm.


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