Southwest airlines boots petite woman for fat teenager

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Wow, I guess that whole story with Kevin Smith made Southwest Airlines prefer rights of obese passengers over those who are normal size. In this case, a small woman got a boot after she paid for the last ticket (she was on standby), boarded the plane and sat down.
And the reason was that an obese 14-year old arrived late, and didn’t fit into one seat. Did that 14-year old bought a second seat, as per Southwest policy? Why, of course not.
Oh, and woman got a lecture from Southwest employees when she questioned their decision. I guess they really think that thin people can fit anywhere and should be politically correct about being booted from the plane.
Airline representative said that they’ll apologize and the reason for this weird preference was that fat passenger was teenager, so they tried to avoid embarrassment. Riiiight…
Unless teenager suddenly increased in size over last few weeks, I don’t think this is right. I’m not thin myself, but should I stop fitting into a single seat on the plane, I’ll either buy a second one, or won’t complain if I don’t get boarded on overbooked flight. Teenager or not, it’s not an excuse. Sheesh…

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