IMAX Austin: not for regular movies

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So, I’ve finally went and saw Inception. Great movie, safe for a few weird items (like why when DiCaprio’s character and his wife commit suicide on the rail track they both look young, yet in other scene they looked old). I thought it’d be good to see it in IMAX — huge screen, super sound, yadda-yadda.
Well, IMAX Austin, which is located in Texas State Museum, did not impress me that much.
Everything started from the pre-show troubles — 11pm meant that primary pavilion was closed, and capacity of the hall dedicated to the movie theater was simply too small, so more than half of audience had to wait outside, where it was 86F with humidity of about 90%. Yuk.
Movie turned out to be an “IMAX experience”, which in this case meant that it wasn’t a super-high-resolution movie. No, it was a regular movie blown up to fill the screen, with giant grain and all. I also made a mistake of sitting on 3rd row (that small frame showing prior to film starting tricked me into thinking that not the whole wall was the screen. It was.) so the screen was too big, and I had to keep on twisting head to see everything. Next time (yes, there’ll be next time, despite all problems, because I do want to see Tron in IMAX 3D) I’ll have to get to the theater earlier and sit higher up.
And, for the love of clean, I hope someone will clean the glass in front of projector. Because it has fly poop, that gets blown up to the size of an average cow pie on screen. It’s okay in normal scenes but when there’s lots of uniform color (say, blue skies) those fly poop marks are seen as ugly blotches. Distracting…

The sound was fantastic, and extra loud. No questions about it…

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