Hydrogen power-cells: eco-crazy strange device

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Well, hydrogen craziness is gaining strength. Specifically I’m talking about this MiniPAK from the Horizon, which is an “individual fuel cell”. This thing provides approximately 12 watt hours of energy storage. Fantastic!
Except, you know, 18 watt-hour battery packs these days costs about $50 (okay, $80 if you want fancy version with car charger, a small snake-pit of connectors and such). The Hydrogen thing costs $100.

But you can save on re-fills, right? Well… not really. There aren’t any hydrogen recharge stations. So, to recharge that little gizmo you need to buy Horizon’s home charging station. HydroFill is… $500. Um… And it requires to be either plugged in (60Watt power consumption) or you can buy a solar panel for it for… $650.

Everything is “world first”, high-tech, pretty and coming soon. Now, could someone please explain me, why would I want to spend $600 on rechargeable hydrogen accumulators? Or worse, $1250 to be “off the grid”?

Because for those, who can use solar power, there are chargers from $30 or so, and for about $200 you can get a nice bigger solar panel and a battery for re-charging.
Of course it won’t be as interesting or hydrogen-powered. And you don’t have to worry about hydrogen leaks (I’m talking about the generator that produces hydrogen, which is kinda flammable, should something go wrong — you wouldn’t want to run gas generator in your house, would you?). So, I’d say wait until you can buy/swap out a new cartridge at your local Walmart or gas station. Or buy this as a toy, if cash burns your pocket…

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