Ford Sync: Strangeness you can get used to

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Carrying on rants about 2011 Ford Fiesta’s Sync.
Car’s Sync system pretends to be two bluetooth devices — one for phone (headset) the other — audio system. They can sorta co-exist at the same time. If you say “phone” then you get phone/headset interface (“Call Jane Doe” will correctly get processed and a call will be place). Yet just saying “Call Jane Doe” doesn’t do anything. Kinda weird.
In order to listen to the music from the phone, you need to say Bluetooth Audio (or just “Bluetooth”). My EVO automatically starts to play those few tracks that came pre-loaded, and I am not sure how exactly I can prevent it from doing that, need to dig more in settings.

Audio is clear and crisp. Buttons forward/backwards actually work, so you don’t need to physically connect the phone, it just works. Of course if you were running Pandora or Slacker radio, then “default” player starts anyways, and you get twice the music in the same set of ears. But it’s a small inconvenience.
By the way, if you use Android phone, you’ll notice how navigational software in Google Maps sounds exactly like the Sync robo-voice. Kinda creepy.

USB connectivity is nice too. You can plug a thumb-drive with MP3s and system will try to play them (“USB” >> “Play all”) though it obviously doesn’t like some MP3 files, which is a bit sad, because even my Sony player can play them (and those creations of monster mega audio giant are finicky). Controlling playback with voice didn’t really work, so I have to try to read up more about that.

Services, including Traffic, kinda confuse me. Judging by the sound, trying to connect to Services just results in a phone call to Tell-Me (but with different prompts). I’d think it’d be something like a data session to and then directions would be read by the creepy robot lady, but I guess at least initial stage of trying to get traffic/driving directions involves actual phone call. In my case it’s irrelevant, as google navigation does everything well enough, including prompts and re-routing when (not “if”, unfortunately “when”) I miss a turn or take wrong ramp.

Surprising, just switching to Radio from, say, Bluetooth mode, can’t be done with voice. I have to push the Radio button.
The only thing left to try is to put a DVD with music into the system and see if it’ll “magically work”. If it will, one recordable DVD-Rom is enough to provide plenty of tunes for a long trip.
I could also use thumb drive, but, unfortunately, because glovebox is the only storage compartment in the cabin, I’d rather keep everything on DVD stashed inside the player.

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