Ford Fiesta: Engine oil pressure low on day one

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Because life would be too boring without “nice” little surprises, almost exactly one day after the purchase, my new Ford Fiesta seems to have an indigestion. Already. This afternoon onboard computer chimed and briefly showed “Engine oil pressure low” message, along with recommendation to stop safely. Before I managed to react, message cleared out, and everything is was back to normal, as if nothing happened.
“That was weird,” — I thought, and headed back to the dealership. I was planning to go there today anyways, to drop off the second set of keys from my old car. Everything was okay for a while longer, average miles per gallon started to go above 26, but then, almost near the dealership the message appeared again, this time staying for about a minute. Then cleared. Few minutes later I pulled into the dealer’s lot, but the service department was already closed (duh, evening and all).
There were no odd noises, and car sounded normal (well, for its size). I was at a loss. I just bought it yesterday. Less than 50 miles.
Steve, one of the sales people, checked the oil dipstick and said everything seems to be fine, but upon the start low oil pressure message didn’t go away, just stayed on the screen. We both agreed that driving anywhere with such “condition” would be quite a bad idea. He noted, that it’s probably something small and insignificant, scheduled the service for tomorrow and gave me a loaner car — 2010 Ford Mustang.

The drive is drastically different. While Fiesta drives like a crazy thin horse, this one more of a luxury boat. I swear, it has about 2-3 times more buttons in all places than Fiesta. Glowing LEDs everywhere, several dot-matrix screens (hello, ASCII art or showing volume and other things) and a low grumble added to a feel of a space ship. Given that I’m still not used to new layout, I accidentally triggered wipers, switched something else, and flipped through the radio channels, before realizing that headlights are turned on the same way as on Fiesta (oddly shaped round switch, kinda like on gas stoves from the 60s). I carefully ignored all the other buttons, so I’m probably old…

But I digress.

I certainly appreciate the help from the sales guy, he went above and beyond to help me.

But I am also still a bit shocked. What could go wrong? Pre-sales team didn’t add enough oil? Some sensor needs re-setting? Something isn’t aligned or sealed or something like that?
I understand completely how new models could bring potential problems, but I’d usually associate that with gadgets, not cars. And while sporadic reboots of HTC EVO could be annoying, issues with cars are way more disruptive.

I hope the story will have a happy ending, and new car will be all fixed tomorrow morning, before it even looses that ultra-chemical new scent.

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    • Max Smolev

      I took it to the dealership and they have fixed it. Apparently sensor was bad

        • Max Smolev

          Yes, they’ve fixed it under warranty, no questions asked (and they actually gave me a loaner car too, I think it took them about a day to do it). This was done by US dealership, but I’m sure UK ones can handle this problem too.

  1. Joseph

    I use a2012 ford fiesta. I experienced hose burst three occassions on the same top radiator hose that leads to the engine. Each time it burst i repaired the damaged section due to non availability of exact hose for replacement. In the coolant reservoir i noticed kind of oil

  2. Joseph

    Same oil sludge found in damaged hose as well. I suspected faulty engine thermostat so had it removed.i noticed engine oil level was above max. Was driving to the nearest service station to get the water system flashed and excess oil removed when all of a sudden ‘low oil pressure’ warning popped up. Engine will not start. I pushed the car to service station .flushed off water system and reduced oil level. Engine oil looks thinner and smells as though burnt.Car now starts but has. white smoke in exhaust initially and when accelerated smoke turns black. Engine sound also has changed. No oil seen in the water reservoir now. What could the cause of change in engine sound and smoke in exhaust?

  3. Theuns

    2012 Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI engine overheated for no reason with enough oil. Car has no oil or temperature gauges so impossible to pick up on time.

  4. Dagi

    I have Ford Fiesta 2014. “low engine oil pressure-turn off the engine safly” message is displayed on the dash board. as i checked the dipstick,there was sufficent oil. The engine temprature was high, the fan is up now and then. And another case, coolant in the reservour was was below min-level. Is the “low engine oil pressure” related to the coolant level? what about the high engine temprature & Fan?


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