Land of overreaction

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Every time I hear about product recalls I wonder, when did US became a land of overreaction. And, of course, if I overreact myself to this overreaction.
There’s a whole web page for Product Recalls and every so often I read stories about this or that being recalled. Some of these recalls seem logical: company made a design error and something in your brand new car can explode, catch fire, break, rendering vehicle uncontrollable, and so on. I’m all for those recalls, where quality control failed, and where customer has nothing to do with the product failing (using it as specified etc).
However, there are also recalls that seem to be quite illogical. For example:
GAP baby swimsuit recall where straps are too short and cause choking hazard. Just one question. What kind of parent would not notice that straps are, well, a bit too tight?
Diving sticks that actually stay upright, which present “impalement hazard” — anyone is willing to let their kids play in water alone?
Pretty strange. And makes you think how did we manage to survive our childhood, where rocking horse could pretty much turn over, resulting in a fall and a nice little bump (“you shouldn’t rock that hard!”), and powerful magnets could be given to 13 years old that understand that you’re not supposed to eat magnets. Certainly not multiple ones too.

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