Review: Ilona Andrews – Magic Bites, Kate Daniels book 1 (3 stars)

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Ilona Andrews: Magic Bites

So, in my attempts to find something to read that is:
– supernatural
– action-ey
– has a detective element
I ran into Ilona Andrews’ book one of Kate Daniels series: Magic Bites.
Sorry but biting into this book wasn’t very satisfying. I mean on the surface there’s almost everything there — some new universe, where magic is taking over the world (but not really co-existing with it peacefully, which is already minus), there are vampires (mindless critters, remotely controlled by riders), there’s this order of Knights that do investigation thing, there are were-critters, including werewolfs and were-other-things. Main heroine is blabbing too much, fighting too much, reacts to death of old friend predictably swiftly and… well.. the whole thing just doesn’t seem to work for some reason. Perhaps I’ve over-consumed literature of such genre, though I had no problems reading Patricia Briggs’ series. Detective element of the story was kinda there but it was more of a mystery and it still didn’t make much sense. Attempt to bring together the leader of the were-animals and Kate also seemed to be somewhat artificial and flat. *sigh* I guess I should try to read book 2 in hopes that she’d find her spark, otherwise this series gets on my “never again” list.
Three stars.

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