iPhone 4 – “our bars are all wrong”

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So, I’ve read the Apple’s press release about the iPhone 4 death grip reception problem. Lovely. Now I have just a few questions:
– why was AT&T’s “recently recommended” formula for calculating and displaying number of bars ignored in the first place? Was it something that AT&T did when Apple asked them? Or they never asked in the first place?
– as now “instead of 4 bars there will be 2 bars” for all updated iPhone products, did they actually check how other phones show signal strength under similar circumstances? Because otherwise the internet will be full of messages to the tune of “Haa-haa! Your iPhone shows 2 bars, but my Moto shows 5!” And that means iPhone users would still be feeling somewhat inferior, which is not a good thing (for Apple and for users — ego is a powerful thing)
– the problem of grip affecting reception is, essentially, not solved, right? Because the modification is to “compress” the signal strength scale, so that phone would drop two bars instead of four (and going into “no network” mode)
– will this solve the data connection speed issue? Probably not, as for those video example, phone did not loose all bars, stayed connected, but speed dropped from a megabit to EDGE-worthy crawl. I don’t know if this was due to software forcibly reigning in the connection speed, or because RF tract behaves like that. I guess we will see updated results in couple weeks.

I also understand why all iPhone models will be updated — AT&T will get all, perhaps deserving, blame, because the signal strength is not 5 bars. And all updated older iPhones won’t show “superior” performance (perception or otherwise). And drop of signal will be “compressed” into couple bars instead of four.

Now the only remaining thing to fix will be overly fragile glass back plate.

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