Rdio.com – Meh. Plenty of alternatives

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Not quite sure why so many people are abuzz about Rdio.com. I tried their “3 day free trial” and so far thoroughly unimpressed. I suppose I just know a bit too well what kind of music I would want to listen too, especially as their suggestion engine has not quite that much data to work with.

Specifically – there’s no way of an easy star rating. They do allow “writing a review” but I fail to see the relevance of doing it for everything I listen. While quick rating like “I like this a lot” or “Okay, but don’t play it too often” is nowhere to be found. Or their UI is hiding it somewhere in an unusual place.

There’s still a lot of unavailable songs presented by “snippets”. Not very useful, and no obvious way to turn it off.

And on top of everything they charge $5 a month. Double-triple meh. Look at pandora.com (though their UI is crappily-unpolished, and most people use mobile apps), or slacker.com. Or just plain old shoutcast.com — all free (with slacker also offering premium paid radios) and all offering about the same amount of music.

Perhaps some other hidden greatness has remained hidden, due to just 3 day long trial, but I am not ready to give them my credit card to have extra 10 days to try the radio. Sorry rdio.com, excitement fail.

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  1. Jason Martinez

    I’ve been digging this free radio site called InfiniteScan.com. It’s super simple, you get there and it starts playing music. You can scan to a new random station, save favorites and it’s ad free and unlimited. Pretty rad if you ask me, they have an interesting mix of stations from all over the world too, if you’re particular 🙂



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