Review: Patricia Briggs – Moon Called (5 stars)

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Patricia Briggs: Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, Book 1)

It’s been a while since I had a nice werewolf novel to read. And then, by accident, I found the Moon Called. I don’t know how I missed it, but the series by Patricia Briggs are just great. All elements are in place — a spunky shape-shifter Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson. A pack of werewolf. Supernatural monsters of all sorts. A nice detective story. Plenty of action and not much of mushy kissy-kissy-goo-goo stuff.

I did, however, noticed that for some reason urban fantasy authors have a soft spot for VW cars. I mean who can forget Harry Dresden and his favorite car that kinda falls apart? Here you have a VW Rabbit driving German auto mechanic.
Other similarities are there too — fae are pretty much nasty things, but do follow rules. Strict pack order interferes with daily life and that independent spunky factor of the main character. But in the end things almost always work out. Almost, because just happy endings are not good enough for modern literature.
Like in Kim Harrison’s Hollows novels, here part of the supernatural world citizens are forced to “come out”, so that people are presented with the fact that there are mythical creatures around (sans the deadly GMO-tomatoe-borne virus though).
Mercy gets herself stirred into a pot of werewolf trouble, but you know where it leads…

Good, solid read. Deserves all 5 stars.

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