P.s. about expensive Apple stuff

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After I wrote about the plastic box for $40 I also remembered that there’s an even more outrageously expensive piece of plastic that is both costs less than a buck and is sold for quite a good amount of money.
iPhone Bumpers for $30.

Cost to make one? Less than a buck. Cause that’s the cost of regular case which has more material, because it covers back as well as the edge of the phone. But even bigger insanity happens on eBay where people are bidding more than $30 on exactly the same item. And some sneaky sellers are trying to push these plastic thingies for $41-$57 claiming that “soon it will be hard to get!!!”. Right, because there’s a whole chemical industry in China ready to churn out any plastic thing in mega-quantities at a price of a few cents + couple bucks for shipping across the globe. I suppose buyers are idiots and enemies of their own wallets.

Come on, turn on your brain a little!

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