Google Adwords: robots continue to take over

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Another gripe about Google ads. This time purely from the web browsing point of view. I understand that robots are trying to optimize ads system show so that you, site visitor, would click on them with a better probability (and then Google gets paid, and even the site owner maybe will kinda get half a cent in about a month or two, if any). But this is getting ridiculous.

I visited several times, looking at what kind of deal they offer. Nothing interesting at the time, but Google obviously has noticed my interest. And ever since then practically everywhere where people put up square graphical banners from Google I see Groupon ads. Yeah, it may be somewhat relevant, but I already went there. I can type the address again. It’s like a living bookmark that follows you everywhere through the web, except every time you petclick it Groupon has to pay several cents.
A bit of variety please?

Though I suppose I wouldn’t have notice the difference between ad from because they also started to do square banners with somewhat different cupcake. Both sites also have extremely similar ads on Facebook too.

Bonus robot consistency — right after I visited online banking, all other sites with Google ads immediately got plastered by the ad of exactly the same bank. Come on! And those weren’t even relevant sites, unless being interested in Android os equals storing money in particular bank.

So, robots do need tweaking, again. In the meantime companies paying for adwords will continue to provide me with living bookmarks at their expense…

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