Paramount realizes the truth, continues with rentals

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Well, who would have thought. Not all movie studio executives are full of it and live in a dream world where providing less options automatically means more money. Paramount essentially said that 28 day delay of DVD rentals doesn’t bring more revenue. Because when people don’t want to buy a movie, and want to rent it, they *gasp* can wait!
I suppose this deserves a medal of Captain Obvious. Delaying availability of the movie for cheap rental (thank you, Redbox!) does not automatically convert all those viewers, who were willing to shell out a buck for another hapless Hollywood remate, into willing buyers that bring $20 to the counter.
I bet in reality it even hurts the rentals a bit. Studios don’t normally extend marketing blitz about “Blah available on DVD NOW!” beyond a week or two, and by the time movie finally appears in rental networks, be it Netflix or RedBox, the interest has already vaned.

So, Paramount movies now will be available for rent as soon as DVD hits the stores. Good for them.

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