Expensive squirrels and illogical coast guard

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News about BP oil spill is usually just frustrating, or maddening or depressing (depending on what idiotic idea corporate or governmental bureaucrats thought of now). Today’s one is pretty much maddening.
Louisiana decided to use barges to suck up the oil from the gulf waters. And it works. Fantastic! Every thousand gallons helps. But no, the coast guard had to immediately stop the whole thing because (drumroll, please!) it needed to confirm there were fire extinguishers and lifevests onboard. 24 hours were lost because of this idiocity. I guess it’s like stopping ambulance to make sure there’s a driver’s med-kit onboard. Or stop fire engine just to double check that all firemen are wearing helmets. Of course nobody cares about the fire/medical emergency that requires all available forces to act now, because very single bureaucrat is only concerned with own little turf and that immediately set rules are followed.

Same crazy bureaucratic thinking resulted in Arizona spending approximately $5000 per squirrel to ensure the welfare of furry rodents. The not-really-extinct Mount Graham red squirrels, all 250 of them, will get 41 special walkways across the highway that goes through the habitat (why squirrel crossed the road?) which costs $400 000. All to save 5 squirrels a year that on average get squished by cars. After stuff like this, is anyone surprised that we have humongous budget deficit? Bonus stupidity — squirrel project gets funded before regular roads get repaved.

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