Buy a box for 40 bucks? No, thanks

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I should not really be surprised that Apple produces a certain clout of “expensive design-er-ness-ness feeling”. Where simple products that cost a few cents/bucks to make, magically become more expensive because they are “designed for Apple” or look kinda like Apple products. Well, in a “regular” store anyways, eventually there will be chinese knock-offs for cheap.
One of examples of such “looks kinda apple-like and costs a sh*tload of money” is CableBox from BlueLounge. It’s a lovely matte-white (or black, for those Darth-vader loving black macbook toting Apple fans) plastic box 15.6 x 6 x 5.3 inches with removable lid and slits on both ends. You’re supposed to use it to organize your electric chargers.
That’ll be $29.95 + $9.81 cheapest ground shipping.
Yeah. Almost $40 for an empty plastic box (3.6 lb. of plastic). It doesn’t have outlets. There’s no surge protector in it, nothing. It’s just a plastic box into which you should stuff all that unsightly mess of chargers, along with whatever surge protector they are plugged into. To say that Bluelounge is overcharging Apple-loving public is an understatement. Save yourself $40 and use some other plastic box from Home Depot or something.

Oh, and if you like the idea of Cable Drop but don’t think it’s worth $11, check out eBay for same stuff for about $2 shipped.
Don’t let extra nice design dictate extra stupid price…

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