HTC EVO 4G: Battery life and voice dial

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Well, after two days of use I can see how it’s possible to live through almost a whole day and not run out of battery, but it’s not very pretty. Surprising, but my phone seems to waste more energy on WiFi than 3G. Last day started at 9AM and up till midnight, during which about 8 hours were spent with WiFi on.
In the “Other Usage” WiFi On and WiFi Running took 93% of battery. Though it could be misleading.
Settings > Battery Info shows now that Cell Standby is 32%, Idle – 24%, WiFi and System are 16%, Voice calls 6% and everything else is less than 5%. Regardless, with sparing usage, I kept checking my mail, chatted in GTalk for a bit, had a couple of lengthy calls, and fiddled with web here and there. Total — about half a charge left.

I wonder if there will be easier way to clean-up and enable/disable some services. Perhaps Android 2.2 will bring something like that to a control panel, as a number of background services still seem to be running, without any obvious reason. Once in a while, Sprint stuff decides to start. VPN service is running on the phone, despite the fact I don’t really use it. Amazon MP3 downloader is on all the time, and I can’t even delete it.

Which is another gripe — a number of pre-installed apps are just not needed. But I can’t remove them because they are marked as Read Only. And, according to XDA developers forums some of them are so deeply integrated, there’s no way to delete them at all without breaking whole HTC shell.
Fine, keep built-in clients for social stuff. Just let me kill Nascar and Amazon apps. Maybe even voice dial — I tried a few more times to use it and still get weird results, not once useful.

For example, in some other phones Voice Dialing is either by labels (pick what you want to do, read the label couple times, phone remembers it and then calls exactly that function) or somewhat more intelligent free-form text. And by that I mean if there is, for example, several phone numbers for contact, you kinda expect it to ask you which one to call (i.e. *beep* – Call John Smith – *beep* Which number? – Mobile *beep* Calling John Smith Mobile). Here voice dial only consumes initial instruction – *beep* – Call John Smith. After which you’re presented with popup for selecting which one of the numbers you want to call. WTF?
Voice-dial is a very specific function. It’s used to avoid dialing by hand (even more so for touch-screen phones, as it’s impossible to pick the right virtual key without looking). Another minus – there’s no way to voice-dial from bluetooth headset. Double WTF.

These small things re-enforce my firm belief that Google is ran by robots. Because humans don’t interact this way. Which kinda makes Apple’s pretty dumbed down but somewhat more human walled garden seem more appealing compared to Android’s wile techno-jungle of an interface.
I’ll hold on for a few more days until the final decision to drop ATT.

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