HTC EVO 4G – that overwhelming feeling

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So, I have finally got my HTC EVO. Hello, Sprint. Almost goodbye AT&T (sorry, but no iPhone 4G for me, not for a while anyways). First several hours of new phone ownership resulted in:
– one somewhat pissed-off cat. At the very first sight of the new HTC black shiny charger cat thought only one thought: “NOM!”. Attempt to bite the charger was interrupted with a slight swat on a snout, so cat was irritated. Memo to me: never leave new charger in the same room with the cat. Or that Nom and following electrocution will spoil a perfectly good day.
– my online contacts are a mess.

Cat aside, phone is great. Sound is loud and clear. Friend on AT&T commented on how he can hear me so much better now and everything is crystal clear. I still have to take the phone for a spin for a day or two, to make sure everything is generally working as I expect it to, but so far things are fine.

However, contacts seem to be spinning out of control. Thanks to google mail’s habit of automatically adding everyone I managed to send an occasional email to my address book I have about 400 different contacts (most of which are things like “billing of company Blah” or “automatic report Yuk”). Facebook adds another hundred or so (sorry, I’m not very popular 🙁 ). Couple hundred twitter followers, and disorganized zoo is complete.

Default android address book tries to “link” different contacts, which is nice. Suddenly I have not just phone numbers, but also emails, birthdays and so on, all on one page. Plus it shows things like Facebook photo uploads and all.
However, I am still not entirely sure if deleting one of the accounts on the phone will result in wiping it “at the source”. If I just don’t need someone in my phone book, that doesn’t mean I want to completely nuke that contact, and this aspect is not entirely clear nor explained sufficiently.

HTC widgets are extra pretty, yet seem to be living their own separate life. I have two facebook things, two twitter things, and they seem to somewhat compete as data sources.
Better go explore it some more!

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