Google maps: give me “send to phone” button

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Yes, yes, yes, I know Google is controlled by robots that simply don’t understand how humans operate. Heck, I suffer from that sometimes too, as I can’t imagine how non-techie must react in a certain situation. But common sense still has to be there somewhere.
So, why on Google Earth we don’t have “send to my phone” button on Google Maps? Google already has your cell phone number, there’s already google maps application, SMS service, google voice (not really related but still). Having an option to take current driving directions and just dump it into your phone would be perfect. You planned the route, you sent it to your phone. Open google maps, get popup “Your directions: …”, happy driving.

There is kind of a workaround I suppose with saving things to “My Maps” but I am not sure I can access that from my cell phone google maps application (I am talking about general Java based non-android maps app). Microsoft maps used to have this ability — select points of interest, plant the route, then save the map and the route into PDA for using with mobile version of the mappoint. Google should do it too.

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