Sprint: very first billing gaffe already

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So, I did open a new line of service with Sprint. Given their 30 days “real” money-back guarantee, it should be more than enough time to check if coverage and everything else is good enough to switch from my current AT&T plan. And… Sprint managed to screw up billing already.

I filled out the order form late evening yesterday. Everything seemed to be fine up to the point when their web site arbitrarily declared that credit card can’t possibly have a non-street billing address. Um… what? Why would they care at all?

But okay, I switched to another card and, holding my breath, pushed that final “buy it now” button. Everything seemed to be fine, I got email almost instantly, that said the account was pending. Except five minutes later credit card bank sent email — apparently Sprint managed to put the cost of phone on hold twice, plus add two $1 transaction holds. Which angered security robots at the bank, so my card promptly vanished from the system, and I got an email asking me to call/go to specific web site to check for fraudulent charges. Which I did. Card was unblocked, but apparently even though bank shows one successful hold, second one screwed status inside of Sprint system and I had to give them yet another credit card over the phone, so they could start processing my order.

Oh and order form on one of the steps offered me $5 credit for switching to paperless billing, and final screen kinda sorta lost it somewhere…

Hopefully this will be the last billing “whoopsie” Sprint’s systems do. Given huge demand for HTC EVO I am willing to cut them some slack. For now.

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  1. Blazer2k7

    Just make sure you always have enough to cover your bill. If you call them explaining the money won’t be there on time they won’t do anything but tell you to call your bank. I’m probably going to switch to T-Mobile.


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