Gym: forgetfulness getting ridiculous

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Things are getting ridiculous at the gym. Unless it’s some sort of special way to claim the shower stall, men forgot today: one pair of black swimming glasses, a pair of grey underwear (hanging right on a glass door), a set of shaving supplies (if sign says “DO NOT SHAVE” then you just have to do it, right), bar soap. The latter was kinda normal, I guess.

Bonus forgotten things: a pair of trunks and a pair of running shoes under a bench.
Given the time, gym was practically empty.

Plus add to that another small weird fact — a few months ago men’s locker room was equipped with a huge stack of one of those ladies romance novells. Something about cowboys. I would never think of a gym as a library, nevertheless there they were… And even more weird, is that they kept on disappearing, until almost whole stack was gone. The pile was re-stocked couple times.
I will be an optimist and presume that either everyone likes a good romance cowboy story, or gym staff played a prank…

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