Bad day for mobile data users

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It was expected for a while now, but still, anouncement that AT&T will no longer offer unlimited data was kind of unexpected. For now the new “improvement” is only for 3G iPhone and iPad, but I am sure it will be expanded further to all other models of mobile devices. After all, they go from $30 unlimited for $25 for 2Gb of data, which is sweet for them and bitter for the users.

I suppose data plans went full circle now. Anyone remembers AT&T’s mMode data plans from 2002? Only later mMode got “Unlimited” option, topping off at $20 for 8MB. I guess we back to the limited land again, with 2Gb for $25 being “max”.

You can guess what kind of reaction that caused. Forums exploding everywhere,over 200 comments on DSLReports, executives crooning about only tiny percentage ever exceeding 2Gb and how much cheaper ($5) for everyone else life will get. Well, they’re just future-proofing their profits. Come iPhone 4th generation and 2Gb will be whooshing past faster than ever, even without LTE/WiMax options.

Perhaps Sprint executives knews of the upcoming plans. Regardless, this will be a bit of a gift for them — if they keep “unlimited” data for HTC Evo 4G.

Real question is, will Verizon follow. Probably so, though they still can offer 5Gb which for a while used to be the customary limit on Verizon plans.

On top of this whole data plan catastrophe there’s another issue — Skype decidedly moves away from free Skype-to-Skype calls. First on Verizon, now on iPhone. Oh, for now the data calls will be free on iPhone. Only Verizon users in some case will be using up their minutes (which kinda defies whole purpose of having Skype in the first place). But for iPhone users next year will bring some sort of a “premium subscription fee” from Skype.

I wonder how long will Fring manage to keep voice/video calls between Fring customers for free. Really free…

p.s. those who think sending their “WTF?!” emails to AT&T’s CEO quickly found out that AT&T doesn’t care for their opinion and will issue cease and desist after a couple of emails. I mean, really, do you expect someone who’s so bent on charging you more for less data to want to know how outraged customers feel? A-ha-ha-ha.

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