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Amazon’s robots are going mad too

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Usually I gripe about Google, how inhuman and weird its algorithms are, and how blatantly they disregard human habits and behavior (privacy including, as that famous quote from Eric Schmidt let the whole world know, that Google thinks everything should be public knowledge). Alas Amazon’s robots are going mad too. Today’s example of “programmer’s logic […] – Meh. Plenty of alternatives

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Not quite sure why so many people are abuzz about I tried their “3 day free trial” and so far thoroughly unimpressed. I suppose I just know a bit too well what kind of music I would want to listen too, especially as their suggestion engine has not quite that much data to work […]

Only Apple can teach people how to handle the phone

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So, I did check co-worker’s phone for the “reception issue” where grabbing the phone by the sides results in gradual 4-bar signal strength loss. In his case it started with 5 bars and ended with 1, still being able to receive the call, though placing a call took a long time. Yes, the antenna problems […]

Review: Patricia Briggs – Moon Called (5 stars)

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Patricia Briggs: Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, Book 1) It’s been a while since I had a nice werewolf novel to read. And then, by accident, I found the Moon Called. I don’t know how I missed it, but the series by Patricia Briggs are just great. All elements are in place — a spunky shape-shifter […]

P.s. about expensive Apple stuff

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After I wrote about the plastic box for $40 I also remembered that there’s an even more outrageously expensive piece of plastic that is both costs less than a buck and is sold for quite a good amount of money. iPhone Bumpers for $30. Cost to make one? Less than a buck. Cause that’s the […]