Qik: $5 will be for “premium” features

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I guess Qik quickly realized what storm that “oh and give us $5 for video chat” thing brought, so now they say that charge will be for some premium feature. Without saying what kind of premium feature it will be. But that basic video chat will be free.
So, short of offering a once-a-month chance to video-chat with Summer Glau, what else could be a “premium” video chat? Video chat longer than a minute? Some special effects?

I can’t think of anything that’d be worth $5, unless basic chat will be extra crippled. Or plastered with video/graphical ads. You know, like Youtube does at the bottom of the video clip.
I know it’s tough getting money off of free services, but marketing department of Qik should have realized what would happen when they try to charge for things.

Will see how it will turn out. I still think Fring and/or Skype will eat their lunch.

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