Sprint EVO Playbook anti-points

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The Sprint HTC EVO’s playbook information is out. And it has specific page about extra $10 they want to squeeze out for the privilege of having the phone. So, let’s review the points:

1. Front and rear cameras, including 8MP camera that records videos in HD.

What does having (or not having) camera has to do with anything? Are they implying that having a better camera means bigger data consumption? Samsung Instinct HD has 5MP camera. Does it mean they will be charging for that too? Or do they imply anything with 8MP will have an extra fee? If your DSL provider were to charge you $10 for having a better video camera on the laptop you have, would you agree to that?

2. Faster processor

Faster processor makes UI experience better. It makes interface suck less. But it has very little to do with data. I suppose having flash video support would be a better reason but just faster CPU? As generations of phones change, and most new HTC models come with 1Ghz CPU, does it mean all new phones will suddenly require a $10 a month fee? Would you like your DSL provider to charge you more because your desktop has faster CPU? What is it you say? That they are limiting bandwidth by the network? Why certainly. So, Marketing BS.

3. 4.3″ Display

Again, completely irrelevant. It’s like your cable or satellite provider demanding an extra $10 for TV larger than 26″ or something like that. I know my current one doesn’t. So why should phone’s display matter?

4. 3G/4G capable… best price value with 4G speeds where available

Um… that data cost doesn’t seem to be as good value with extra $10 thrown on top. 4G speeds available in very limited areas. So 80% of uncovered populations are suckers that will pay for hot air. “10X speed” as Androidandme.com’s tests show tops at 2Mbps. Hardly 10X. The coverage of Sprint’s 3G network doesn’t change if you use EVO 4G or any other 3G capable phone. Marketing BS.

5. Even with $10 Premium customers will still save up to $40 over comparable AT&T or Verizon plans

Really? Because Sprint seems to be comparing plan that has 450 anytime minutes to “unlimited talk” plans. Yes, “any mobiles” is a nice feature, but if someone is already on AT&T, there’s a very good chance that AT&T’s mobile-to-mobile works just fine. The comparison should be Sprint’s 450 minutes to AT&T’s 450 minutes.

Let’s see, for Samsung Solstice touch phone: 450 anytime minutes $39.99 (includes rollover, 5000 night/weekend minutes, unlimited AT&T Mobile-to-mobile), unlimited data + messaging $30.00 = $69.99

Versus Sprint’s $79.99. So, where is that $40 a month price advantage?

How about unlimited plan?
$69.99 + $30 = $99.99. vs Sprint’s $109.99

Not seeing savings…

Let’s check the iPhone case:
Unlimited $69.99 + $30 (data) + $20 (unlimited sms/mms) = $119.99
That’d be $10 savings. Still not seeing that unlimited advantage.

So, I’d say for most users plans comparison is not what Sprint wants it to be. In reality, Sprint’s plans will be compared with current non-unlimited plans, which means “price advantage” is either minimal or not at all.

The amount of marketing BS is just through the roof. Yuk!
All they had to do, is classify that $10 as “4G add-on”, and don’t charge users in 3G markets, and this whole thing could have been avoided. But hey, some people are greedy enough to nickel and dime under BS-y pretenses.

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  1. klay

    I absolutely agree with you. I went to Best Buy today to talk to the Sprint people behind the counter.
    He gave me same numbers where the total was $109.99 for unlimited everything plan (text/sms/mms/talk)$70, Plus $40 for mifi capability. When I asked him if they offered data ONLY plans with mifi he said “I wish, then we could all enjoy a true VOIP experience”. We both shared a good laugh, then I said, I’m out of here, but thanks. He knew where I was going (Skype, Google Voice, etc).

    HTC in general makes very cheap looking phones and their customer service is known as simply horrible. This particular phone has some nice features, but I’m waiting for Motorola to kick out some more nice phones. The Droid is dam close to what I’m looking for and I’m hoping they figure out how to put a better keyboard on the dam thing. I’m also waiting for an ISP with balls to undercut Sprint, Verizon, and ATT for offer affordable data ONLY plans. Isn’t it time we dropped the concept of minutes and dove into the future. …at a flate rate?

  2. Nathanael

    Hello To all: I have 2 evo 3-d and thats because the first was take by one of my kids as a joke, so I had to buy anhtoer one, finally I got it back. With the new one I bought I got tired of Sprint and flashed over to Metro. That one is working and rooted/Unlocked with Maxs’ help. Now I figured I would test with the one that is disconnected (no service, no provider) and it was on 1.40 and also rooted with Revolutionay method back when it first came out. I had soft bricked it and using Maxs’ methods again I recovered and getting wifi only and being able to use everything, like a computer w/out a phone and I simply connected to my win7 laptop, put the mikvigin zip or rar folder on the SDisk in the root , of course, then did the fastboot with the phone and wiped all and it intstalled and booted around 3 or 4 times and WOW its ICS,MV and all is working beautifully, I might add. Since I don’t know much about the actual Rom I am now trying to figure out the UI and all the goodies it has. But remember I am not even connected to a service provider and I play and test with that phone b4 messin with the Flashed metro Evo3-d with 1.50 S-On/Unlocked rooted working evo. So I hope this can help. Just put the Zip?RAR file on the root of your Card and use the fastboot to install not update a Zip file and it has to do it. I think! I am definately a noob and an old one at that. Luck


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