Shrek Forever After vs Iron Man 2: Tony wins

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Over the weekend saw both sequels (well, in case of Shrek this is more like a quadriquel or “yet another episode of a soap opera”). Shrek disappointed me a lot.
I understand that it’s difficult to stay funny. Not all people are as capable as teams writing for, say, Eddie Izzard. And, given history of previous Shrek the Third I couldn’t really expect much. But this is ridiculous. Practically all funny moment were used up in trailer. Chases are a bit of a stretch and mostly done to show off 3D stuff. Overall it’s not a comedy. It’s more of a family drama with tiny itsy bitsy pieces of comedy in it. Importance of family and all, but hey, that’s why we have Oscar-worthy films. Cartoons should be more funny. I give it a C-.
P.s. I don’t know what they did to ogres’ models, but they look a bit more creepy than usual, kinda like human faces plastered over toys. Ick.

Iron Man 2, on the other hand, was quite nice. Novelty a bit wore off from the first one, but Tony Stark is still entertaining, despite his long stretch of semi-suicidal episode due to that certain “malfunction” (I mean his reactor). Russian language in most scenes was predictably reduced to mumbling (“buh-blah-mmshaw-blah”, subtitles say “It should have been you!”), but there were a few phrases that could be deciphered (evil Vanko says “you talk too much” to Hammer). A bit too much of “let’s both talk at the same time while not listening to each other” but it’s still bearable. And after the final titles there’s a short scene that’s a hint of what’s coming next. And so far I like where this is going. Overall a solid B

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