UPS: Always on time! Kinda…

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UPS is a marvel of efficiency, most of the time. But what concerns me, is how they actually treat packages that are delayed. Generally I presume people that are supposed to receive a package kinda expect an accurate estimation. Say, if the package is shipped, and claims it will be delivered in 2 days, on May 2nd, it will be delivered on that day. Or the package will be late, and will arrive on 3rd or whatever other later date.

Except with UPS package seems to be always “on time”. As soon as some goblin manages to snag their delivery system out of alignment, the package status will be updated with “Rescheduled. On time”. I’d suggest removing that “on time”, because it doesn’t mean anything beyond “it’ll get there when it gets there”. Would you like it if your airline was behaving the same way? “Your flight has been rescheduled to arrive 2 hours later, but it is on time”. Something tells me that the answer would be “NO”.

Same here. Leave it as an “estimated delivery date”, and don’t mention “on time”, or actually add “delayed” when the initial estimation was incorrect. Of course that would probably make marketing droids cry, as you can’t claim that all of your packages are on time. Even those, that were eaten by an alligator…

Oh, and when you can actually deliver the package a day earlier? Please do so. Thanks!

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